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Beware of fake organic and natural products.


Health risks due to the use of non-certified cosmetics

Below is an example, because, unfortunately, the harms to your health and the environment are multiple like there are multiple harmful ingredients admitted by law but prohibited by organic certification.
You are victims of your ignorance exploited by the manufacturers of these cosmetics.

The use of silicon and petroleum products does not let your skin and hair breathe, providing apparent brilliance but, under the silicon, skin and hair age and are damaged!! Just think that silicone is also used to seal shower boxes!!

Furthermore, their regular use could generate allergic reactions and unsightly blemishes.

Negative effects of silicone on hair

Products like shampoo and conditioner that contain silicone coat hair, completely covering it to grant a silky aspect. Hair is coated by this film that is not beneficial since it only covers the damages. Under it, hair endlessly continues to decay since it does not breathe.
 Hair is suffocated by the chemical silicone film. It’s like keeping a plastic bag on your head for weeks!!

In the long-run, light silicone dries out hair and promotes split ends. Heavy silicone, on the other hand, weighs down hair.
As if this were not enough, they tend to leave it greasy, forcing you to wash it more often. The effect obtained with products that contain silicone is thus only purely aesthetic in the short-term and anti-aesthetic and unhealthy in the long-term.
Remember, chemicals are not used for your well-being, but because cheaper, easy to use in cosmetic formulations and fraudulent with apparent results.  The truth is that they seriously damage your beauty and health.  The same thing happens when chemicals are used in farming and fruit is poisoned!!