— BIO A+O.E. Organic Styling —



After just 21 days your hair improves...

BIO A+O.E. puts a smile on your face!

After just 21 days your hair improves... forever! *
Detoxed from chemicals, hair regains its natural shine and silkiness, increasing in volume and strength while being protected.

To keep hair looking and feeling fabulous forever after treatment, we recommend you only use BIO A+O.E. treatments and 02 RESTRUCTURING WATER before using dyes or perms to guarantee hair protection and long-lasting color.

* To obtain results only use BIO A+O.E. treatments.
If you normally use chemical products, your hair is most probably covered by a chemical film made up of silicon and petroleum products. This film makes transpiration more difficult, preventing or inhibiting the absorption of BIOA+O.E.’s active plant ingredients making them less effective during the first week of use.